“During my time at Emaco I had the privilege to work closely With ML. Working closely with someone for me means that you get know that persons strengths and weaknesses. Gladly for me ML have a personality that is easy to get along with and he was willing to give more than he took. His key feature must be that nothing is impossible, you just have to try a little bit harder to achieve what you want.”

                                                    Claes Odelberg, affärsansvarig EMACO Mobile

“I recommend Mats highly, and especially applaud his ability to get things done in a very efficient way.
He is a very social skilled person and creates a good working environment around him with his bright and welcoming attitude. It was a pleasure working with him!”

                                            Sophie Reppling, Marketing Assistant General Mills

“Mats Laveborn is easy to work with and he is very efficient in his job. He delivers at the right time and to agreed cost. His broad experience from different jobs and life is very useful when working with him.
I highly recommend Mats in all aspects.”

                                                           Anders Blad, VD Prinfo Group

“Blessed with a unique ability to combine strategic thinking with creative flair, Mats easily melds common sense with great ideas. His thorough and sound approach to evaluating and prioritising market opportunities is matched by an inexhaustible enthusiasmfor “getting things done”. His innate capabilities and infectious enthusiam will continue to bring  him and any future employer great rewards.”

                                Jeremy Hamilton – Global Marketing Manager WAM!NET Inc

Du håller världsklass! Vill verkligen ge dig en eloge för ditt strukturerade sätt att bygga tydliga, noggranna affärsplaner och strategiarbete, du håller yppersta världsklass.  Har själv nu sista halvåret träffat världsledande konsultbolag i olika projekt och de borde köpa in dina tjänster för att ge sig själv ännu mer edge ; -)

                                                           Erik Ullsten - ”Obamas man i Sverige”

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